Friday, June 02, 2006

You Can't Avoid Theology

Maybe you've heard this one before - "I don't really want to talk about doctrine because it divides people. I just want to love Jesus."

I understand the sentiment and emotion behind the statement. Doctrinal debates and discussions have sometimes led to division among Christians - sometimes very painful division. There's nothing wrong with loving Jesus, either.

However, there is a big, big problem with the statement made: theology can never be avoided or dismissed, either by the follower of Jesus or one who doesn't make any pretense of following Him. I come to that conclusion with the asking of one question: "Who is Jesus?" We should love Jesus, but we need to understand that the split second we start to answer the question of who Jesus is, we're talking about doctrine and theology. Here's another question: "What does it mean to love Jesus?" The very moment we begin to answer - however we answer - we're involved in theological and doctrinal discussion. Living life before the face of God means thinking doctrinally and theologically - there's no way around it.

The one who makes a claim like this means what they're saying, but they haven't thought it through. We can help them do it.


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