Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Slow Spirituality

I came across this quote from Paul Ford while going through a stack of papers and notes. I don't know where it came from (a book or an article or something else), but it's good and makes me think about my own journey of following Jesus.

"The English style of spirituality is a rhythm of worship, work, reading, and leisure. This is an unfrantic response to who God is. What we see in (C.S.) Lewis is the steady place of his parish church; the quiet regularity of his Bible-reading and prayers; the natural place for his main work of study and writing; the large blocks of time for lesiurely conversations with special friends; and the importance of letter writing, especially with those who sought his help in the matter of Christian pilgrimmage. His life was marked by a spacious, unfrantic rhythm or worship, work, conversation, availability, and intimacy."

That's definitely worth thinking about! Our North American busy, busy, busy lifestyle doesn't lend itself to this kind of Christian pilgrimmage. We have to be more "intentional" as they say in order to make it so. Lord help us!


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