Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thanks a Ton, Pat

Pat Robertson is in the news again with a claim that he can leg press one ton. That's right, 2,000 pounds! A spokesman even repeated the outrageous claim. Sorry, but as much as Pat might want us to believe that he's Superman or the world's strongest man, the claim is ridiculous and obviously false on its face. Why would he say something like that? Evidently, he has a new line of vitamins coming out. But listen Pat, no amount of vitamins can make a 76-year old man leg press 2000 pounds.

With all of the Christian love I can muster, I think that Pat needs to sit down and be quiet for a while - a long while. He has an unfortunate history of making wild and outlandish statements, not to mention false prophecies. When he makes the news for his goofy comments, Christians, the church, and Jesus Himself are harmed in the process. It hurts the cause rather than helping it. Robertson gives those who oppose Christ one more reason to deny Him, drives away those who are seeking, and makes it tougher for those who follow Christ. Knowing what to say is a valuable skill, but knowing when to stop talking is even more valuable.

In other words, "Pat, take a seat. You're hurting the team."


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