Saturday, January 12, 2008

All Sin is Not the Same

"All sin is the same in God's eyes."

If you've been around the church and other Christians for any period of time, you've heard that statement before. Maybe you've been in a Bible study where someone said it when the subject of sin came up. More than likely, it's been said when we're being exhorted not to judge other people.

I don't think the statement is true and I've always had a problem with it. You mean to tell me that coveting (a violation of the tenth commandment) is on the same level as premeditated murder (an obvious violation of the sixth commandment)? Of course it isn't. Our legal system has different levels of punishment for different levels of criminal activity, which, in my opinon, is based on the character and law of God.

Melinda Penner, at Stand to Reason, has a post called "Equal Depravity, Unequal Sin" which makes the point well. You can read it here.


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