Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Telling the Story

This time of year, pastors usually have problems coming with "new" and "fresh" ways of presenting "the old, old story."

How many times can we go through the same passages (Matt. 1; Luke 1-2) without them becoming dry and familiar? How long can I go without becoming dry and familiar? If we're not careful the incredible story of the incarnation can become routine and, dare we say it, even boring. Dorothy Sayers has quipped that the worst sin we can commit as Christians is to make the gospel boring.

Chuck Swindoll made the comment that he's preached the Christmas story from almost every angle imaginable - even "the camel's-eye view." He thinks that the best and most effective way to tell the story of Jesus taking on humanity and becoming one of us is simply to tell the story with as little "garnish" as possible.

Good idea. The Lord doesn't need me to make the truth fresh, new, or exciting. He wants me to be faithful in proclaiming His truth.


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