Sunday, October 22, 2006

John Calvin on the Lord's Prayer - Part 3

Thy reign come.

"The reign of God is God guiding and governing his own by his Holy Spirit, in order to manifest in all their works the riches of his goodness and mercy, and, on the contrary, ruining and confounding the reprobate who are unwilling to be subject to his domination and prostrate their cursed arrogance, in order that they may clearly appear that there is no power that can resist his might. We pray, therefore, that God's reign may come, that is to say, that the Lord may from day to day multiply the number of his faithful believers who celebrate his glory in all their works, and that he may continually spread on them more largely the affluence of his graces, whereby he may live and reign in them more and more, until, having perfectly conjoined to himself, he may fill them wholly. Similarly we ask that from day to day he may through new growths spread his light and enlighten his truth, so that Satan and the lies and the darkness of his reign may be dissipated and abolished. When we pray thus: 'my the kingdom of God come,' we desire also that it may finally be perfect and accomplished, that is to say, in the revelation of his judgment, in which day he alone will be extolled and will be all things in all people after having gathered and received his own glory and having demolished and completely overthrown the reign of Satan." (Instruction in Faith, pp. 60-61)


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