Friday, July 14, 2006

More on Rice

I realized at some point today that I left out another statement about Jesus from Anne Rice in yesterday's post. I also didn't include my thoughts, either. So here goes -

"Christianity achieved what it did because Jesus rose from the dead." (Anne Rice)

Rice's statements about the Lord Jesus are definitely interesting (as well as hopeful). I haven't read her book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. It's described as historical fiction dealing with the first seven years of Jesus' life. I'm sure there would be some things I would disagree with, but her book is important. It's important because it is chronicling her spiritual journey - it represents where she is right now. It's important to the church, because it adds to the body of literature regarding Christ, as well as giving us an opportunity to teach about who He really is. It's also important to the culture at large because, although it's not an infallble record, it takes the person of Jesus to the culture. People who would never read a book about Jesus might pick it up because they know the author.

Some of Rice's comments in various interviews have been anything but biblically orthodox. Before we jump up off the couch and go get the heresy matches, we need to remember a few things:
* Anne Rice is on a journey either to Jesus or with Jesus. So am I and so are you. Some
are further along than others. In my early days, months, and years as a follower of
Christ, I made some unusual statements about Him and believed some things about
Him that were pretty weird (as I later learned). Rice, though, has the blessing or
curse of having her thoughts and beliefs published in novels and interviews (I didn't!). I
look forward to the next book in her series - at least to see if she's grown
* We need to pray for her. If she doesn't believe in Jesus, we need to pray that she would.
If she does, we need to pray that she grows and matures in her faith and commitment.
* Pray for all of the people who pick up the book and read it. Pray that they would be
drawn to the Lord and want to know more about who He really is.


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