Sunday, July 09, 2006

According to Mark

Christianity Today posted an e-mail interview with Mark Drsicoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Mark, as usual, has some interesting things to say. Here's a sample:

Q - What are some of the major blindspots of megachurches?
A - "The major blindspot of megachurches is that they tend to be very effeminate with aesthetics, music, and preaching perfectly tailored for moms. Many men are repelled by this, and many of the men who find it appealing are the types to sing prom songs to Jesus and learn about their feelings while sitting in a seafoam green chair drinking herbal tea - the spiritual equivalent of Richard Simmons. A friend of mine calls them 'evanjellyfish' with no spiritual vertebrae. Statistically, traditional churches are in steep decline, contemporary churches will dominate in the foreseeable future, and emerging churches are just beginning to sort out what the future holds for them."

Read the rest of the short interview here.


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