Thursday, May 18, 2006

Here He Goes Again!

Pat Robertson is in the news again (surprise!). This time he says God told him that a tsunami or something like it would hit the United States sometime in the next year. In particular, he said it would hit the Pacific Northwest (where I live). You can read all about here.

Robertson has made a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth for some time, and it would be nice if he'd stop it (or at least think before he speaks). His statements make those of us who are evangelical followers of Jesus Christ look really bad - not to mention those of us in the ministry.

I certainly believe that God can - and does - speak to His people. That's not the issue. However, before we ever go public with it, we need to be absolutely positively certain that it really was the Lord who spoke (and not the result of a bad burrito the night before). That's always led me to the conclusion that if we want to hear God speak, all we need to do is open His Word - the Bible. I know that I can be absolutely positively certain that He has spoken to me when I read His Word.

I wonder if anyone will hold the Reverend Robertson accountable for his prophecy?


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