Friday, May 12, 2006

What's In It For God?

Mike Horton, professor at Westminster Seminary in California writes:
"The older theology tended to produce character. By the end of the twentieth century, we have become God's demanding little brats. In church, we must be entertained. Our emotions must be charged. We must be offered amusing programs. We give up a lot to become Christians and what little teaching we do get must cater to our pragmatic, self-centered interests. Preaching must be filled with clever anecdotes and colorful illustrations with nothing more than passing references to doctrine. I want to know what this means for me in my daily experience. Have we forgotten that God is a monarch? He is the king, by whom and for whom all things were made and by whose sovereign power they are sustained. We exist for His pleasure, not for ours. We are on this earth to entertain Him, please Him, adore Him, bring Him satisfaction, excitement, and joy. Any gospel that seeks to answer the question, 'What's in this for me?' has it all backwards. The question is, 'What's in it for God'"

He's hit the nail on the head - sadly. We're far more interested in what we get out of knowing and serving God rather than what God gets. What is the chief end of man? It's not for God to give me things that I might enjoy them forever. The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. We have to keep that straight.


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