Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please don't call it "Turkey Day" (or heaven forbid, "Tofurkey Day")! It's Thanksgiving - the day we set aside to give thanks for the myriad of blessings God has given us.

Take time to give thanks to the Lord for His bountiful blessings before you dig into your meal. Think about something you're thankful and grateful for that you weren't when you first experienced it. In other words, something that you never would have thought you'd be thankful for, but now you are.

I'm thankful for the sovereignty and goodness of God. He's in control and He's good - I can absolutely count on it. I'm thankful for my wife Karen. She's a blessing from God which I do not deserve.

Enjoy the turkey and family (and football) and don't forget to give thanks.


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