Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Short Argument for Miracles

I ran across this brief (and certainly truncated) argument for miracles. It's something to consider in our defense of the faith.

1. God exists.
Science itself has shown this to be a high probability. It's also inevitable in terms of logic and common sense.

2.Since God exists, His intervention in the world is hardly unreasonable or unthinkable. We would consider it unusual if God did not intervene from time to time in the world He created.

3. No argument against miracles or miraculous activities holds weight. While arguments can be made against miracles, nonr of them are persuasive.

Conclusion: Miracles, while rare and unusual by definition, happen.

The question then, is, are the miracles recorded in the Bible reasonable and historical? Given the massive and overwhelming support for the Bible and its accuracy, the answer is yes.

(Once again, this argument is brief and bare-boned. It's not complete and isn't meant to be. It could be far more fully developed than I've presented here. My point in bringing it up is that it's something worth thinking about in the defense of Christianity. there are good reasons to believe that miracles take place and that they shouldn't be dismissed a priori.)


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